Nov 21, 2016

Why Lifestyle Design is for You, Even If You Work a 9-5 Job

Lifestyle design isn't a new concept.

Sure, Tim Ferris popularized the concept of lifestyle design with his 2007 book, The Four Hour Workweek. However, many Passionpreneurs, myself included, have been living and promoting the principles of lifestyle design for many years. In my case, for over two-decades.

The central concept of lifestyle design is very simple; you don't have to wait until you're retired to start living the life you really want to live.

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Jul 25, 2016

Why “find your life purpose” is pretty bad advice

I've read a lot of books and articles on how to "find your life purpose."  And while some offer a few great clarifying ideas, the majority, were nothing more than philosophical mumbo-jumbo.  For starters, asking the question, "how do you find your life purpose?" assumes that life purpose is something you can find.  Is this really the case?  Find out more.  Please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends.

Apr 14, 2016

Energize your life Audiobook Introduction

A new way to live and work: America is experiencing a personal energy crisis.  The way we live — including the way we work — not only robs us of our health and puts a strain on time and energy resources, it blocks our access to our most essential sources of energy, leaving us feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.  Listen to the audiobook introduction of my book to learn what it takes to energize your life and come alive.  Please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends.



Feb 18, 2016

Can our Daily Experiences give Meaning to Our Lives?

Is life purpose something you search for and ultimately find?  Or is it something you create through your daily actions?  Is it our daily experiences that give our lives meaning, or is it something else entirely?  In this episode, Dr. Del shares a passage from his new book, Energize Your Life, that addresses the above questions.  Please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends.