Jan 31, 2017

Energize Your Relationships: The Real Love Revolution

Special Guest Interview with Terri Cole, creator of The Real Love Revolution.  In this episode, Terri and I will talk about how to turn your fear into freedom and how you can create passionate long lasting love if you're willing to rewrite your love story. Terri will also share some simple, practical tips on how you can energize your romantic relationships. Terri's work (The Real Love Revolution) is a powerful combination of tools and strategies from the worlds of psychology, coaching and spirituality curated throughout her almost twenty year career as a psychotherapist and master relationship coach. The 5 pillars are designed to guide you to uncover the limiting beliefs and unconscious material that may be blocking you from creating the life and love you desire.  PLEASE SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH OTHERS, THANKS!

Jan 27, 2017

10 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy

Did you know that simple lifestyle changes can significantly boost your energy?  From time to time, we all will have those exhaustingly busy days that zap our energy and leave us crawling into bed at night. However, if you're experiencing chronically low energy and exhaustion on a daily basis, maybe it's time to skip the extra cup of coffee or energy drink and learn how to energize your lifestyle instead.  In this episode, Dr. Del shares ten surprisingly simple ways that you can boost your energy without energy drinks or caffeine. PLEASE SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH OTHERS AND LEAVE A COMMENT LET ME KNOW HOW YOU BOOST YOUR ENERGY.

Jan 12, 2017

Hate to Exercise? Three Reasons Why You Don’t ‘Have To’.

Most people hate to exercise. But, if you are among the millions of people who actually dread the very thought of exercising, why do you think you "have to" exercise?  In this episode, I'll give you three reasons why you don't "have to" exercise and what you should be doing with your time instead.  PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH OTHERS, THANKS.

Nov 21, 2016

Why Lifestyle Design is for You, Even If You Work a 9-5 Job

Lifestyle design isn't a new concept.

Sure, Tim Ferris popularized the concept of lifestyle design with his 2007 book, The Four Hour Workweek. However, many Passionpreneurs, myself included, have been living and promoting the principles of lifestyle design for many years. In my case, for over two-decades.

The central concept of lifestyle design is very simple; you don't have to wait until you're retired to start living the life you really want to live.

Download this episode to find out why lifestyle design is for you, even if you work a 9-5.  PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR NETWORK.  THANKS!

Nov 2, 2016

5 Reasons Why You’re NOT Living a Fulfilling Life – and What to do About It

We all want to live a happy and fulfilling life, but what does that mean exactly?  What does it mean to live a fulfilling life?  What is fulfillment?  Join Dr. Del as he shares five reasons why you may not be fulfilled and most importantly, what to do about.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH YOUR NETWORK.  THANKS.

Oct 14, 2016

Why You Need to Stop Working and Get Back to Play

What is play?  Why do adults need to play?  Is play just about goofing around or is there something more to it that requires deeper awareness and creative engagement?  What is the role of play in helping you create a life worth falling in love with again?  Join Dr. Del for this week's episode as he explores the importance of play in creating an energized life. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE A COMMENT, RATE AND REVIEW AND SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  THANKS!

Jul 25, 2016

Why “find your life purpose” is pretty bad advice

I've read a lot of books and articles on how to "find your life purpose."  And while some offer a few great clarifying ideas, the majority, were nothing more than philosophical mumbo-jumbo.  For starters, asking the question, "how do you find your life purpose?" assumes that life purpose is something you can find.  Is this really the case?  Find out more.  Please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends.

Jul 20, 2016

Renew, Recharge and Prevent Burnout with a Renewal Break

Did you know that a simple renewal break could help you prevent burnout?  So instead of trying to override your body's natural energy lows during the day with energy drinks, caffeine and other stimulants, try a renewal break.  Find out more.  Please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends.

Jun 6, 2016

Prevent Burnout & Overwhelm by Keeping Your Thoughts in the Present

One simple positive strategy that can help you prevent overwhelm and burnout is to keep your thoughts in the present.  It doesn't matter how stressful and chaotic your day is, the act of focusing on one thing at a time, even if you're constantly being interrupted, can turn those distractions into a source of positive energy instead of stressing you out.  Please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends.

Apr 21, 2016

What is the fastest way to get over feeling negative emotions (BLAH)?

Emotions are energy.  And energy has both a positive and a negative charge.  So naturally, we all experience negative emotions to varying degree on a daily basis.  Even though we can't help feeling BLAH at times, how long we feel that way depends on several factors.  Tune in and find out the fastest way to get over feeling negative emotions. Please SUBSCRIBE and share with your friends.

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